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Keep It Simple Stupid!

I always say, that I like to keep things simple. But when I started to write this website, I also started a custom backend. Today I finally fixed this!

This website always had a ugly, unfinished, custom backend. I lacked the programming skills to do it the way I wanted, so working on my site was a pain in the ass. Writing on my blog wasn't fun at all!

Was my website doomed?

This week I decided to take action! From now, I will concentrate on what I know best and leave the hardcore programming to others.

Change Log

  1. Updated my website to the latest Rails version.
  2. Replaced the custom backend with BrightContent, a cms developed by Brightin.
  3. Included the Bourbon gem to simplify my css, no more prefixes.
  4. Fixed image uploading with paperclip and dropbox.
  5. Some other small stuff.

Most changes aren't visible at the front-end, but improvements to the backend. To visualize the changes to my website a little, I included a screenshot of the backend.

Bright Content

written by kris+


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