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Who are my Heroes?

Some time ago, someone asked me who my hero is, who is the one person I look up to when it comes to Interaction Design and/ or Usability? I couldn't give him one name, couldn't give him one person who was special to me.

I gave that question some more thought and came up with this answer.

The names of my heroes are, Instapaper, RSS, Twitter and Linked IN. Let me explain this.

In the Movie Good Will Hunting there is a scene in a Harvert Bar, it's about originality and forming your own opinion. The way I see it is, that if you 'read' the opinion of one person, the only opinion you can form for your own is that same opinion.

Forming an opinion on a subject, means you have gave it some thought, you formed it on your own perspective, understanding, particular feelings, beliefs, and desires. It doesn't mean you're right, it doesn't mean you're wrong, it does mean you are ready to discuss it with others.

Back to my heroes!

Instapaper is my book, every article I collect I transfer to instapaper. When I have time, I read those articles, every article I read forms my opinion. Most of the time I don't know who wrote it, where I got it from. For me the most important part of an article is the subject, the opinion and conclusion, I can use these to form my own opinion.

RSS, Twitter and Linked IN are just tools to fill my book. Twitter and Linked IN give recommendations by people I know, I've met, I talked to and I respect. If the source of a recommendation has more articles I like to read, I can alway add it to my RSS reader.

Some Feeds I follow

In a random order

  1. A List Apart
  2. Johny Holland
  3. Minimalissimo
  4. PatterTap
  5. UX Booth
  6. PsyBlog
  7. Jakob Nielsen
  8. Usability Geek

Do yourself a favor and go form an opinion!!!

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