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I really like my projects

To improve myself, I like working on my projects. That is, if I'm not too busy with my offline projects.

  • Shaolin Kempo to stay fit;
  • cooking, because I like good food;
  • doing things together with my wife;
  • stuff in our recently bought house;
  • etc.

For all my projects I try to follow the KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. If I can identify a core task for a project, I try to stick with it.

This website is my own playground, where I can test new things.

This website has one real challenge, the website has a width of 404 pixels. It suits the website, but how do I display the projects where I work on? To solve this problem I have to figure out what the content in context will be.

The techniques I use for building are HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery (javascript) for the frontend part. For the backend I'm using Ruby on Rails, I like the simplicity which it provides. And it's also one of the languages/ frameworks we use at Brightin.


To try new things I started a project, which I call Wishlister. I'm now working on the second version of the project.

I never finished the first version, because I missed my deadline, I wanted to finish the project before my wedding. But buying a house, and arranging a marriage was a little too much to deal with this year.

So I used this moment to start over and to switch over to another technique. Instead of using Ruby on Rails for the user actions I'm using Backbone.

The goals will be the same, the flowcharts will be the same, the wireframe will be the same, only the technique will be different.

RPG: Random Persona Generator

After reading "Design for Emotion" from a book apart, I started my Persona Generator project. The persona from Messagefirst, which was used as example, stuck with me, and I wanted to know more about it.

I converted the design to HTML5 and CSS3 with a Ruby on Rails backend. For this to work I had to think about how the persona was setup, what are the important pieces. How is everything used?

The setup I chose is explained in this simple UI sketch.

What I need now, is a way to make bar,pie and line charts which are printable.

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