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Starting to walk

My first steps as a public blogger, and I'm standing on a crossroad. What is the path I want to follow, what is my style?

My first post, is a post about mixed thoughts, about decision, about direction, about me, about my dilemma's, it's about 2 questions.

  1. Dutch vs English?
  2. Where will I write about?

Dutch vs English

This decision has an impact on my whole site. My final choice should be clear by now, but how did I get to it?

Why dutch? It's simple, I'm from the Netherlands! My native language is Dutch, I don't live in a windmill, I don't wear wooden shoes and I don't do drugs.

The most articles I read about my fields of work are in English, I can be that one guy that blogs in Dutch. I can be that niche.

Those are my best arguments to write in Dutch.

Why English? The most articles I read about my fields of work are in English, if I write in English I can connect to them and reach the biggest audience.

Audience? Yes, I have a dream, the dream to get better. And to become better I need feedback, I need to burn my self, I need to be complimented.

Writing English is learning English. My English isn't perfect, but I will get better at it.

Where will I write about?

I'm an Interaction Designer and a front end Developer at Brightin and I plan to write about everything where I come in contact with.

I don't have a comfort zone yet, I need to find my writing style, I need to find my focus. Especially in the beginning there will be misplaced blogposts, so watch out for kangaroos between the tulips.

My main reason to write is to order my thoughts. Currently, the following thoughts occupy my mind and I will probably write about them in the near future.

  1. How do I develop myself and in which direction
  2. Scrum and the role of the Interaction Designer
  3. Interaction Designer, Front End Developer, UX Designer
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